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Jeff Jacobson, Chief Executive Officer, has been with LRC since 2009. Jeff was previously a program coordinator and has been the CEO since November 2015.


Jen Parisien, Chief Operating Officer, has been with LRC since 2014.  Her role includes quality assurance for all of our programs as well as coordinating services at our independent residential settings.  Jen assists with referrals and admissions of people interested in receiving services from LRC.  


Sandra Svedberg, Chief Financial Officer, has been with LRC since 2018.  She worked direct support and was also a supervisor before moving in to her role as CFO in July 2019.  She also has previous experience as a Director of Services with another provider.


Alyssa Tofsrud, Program Coordinator, started with LRC in October 2019.  She previously worked with LRC as a group home coordinator in 2012.  She was previously a DD Program Manager with the Lake Region Human Service Center for 5 years before rejoining LRC.  Alyssa coordinates services at our 4th Ave group home and our children's home, as well as our Dakota Manor residential setting.


Missy Aardahl, Program Coordinator, started with LRC in July 2019.  She has over 25 years experience in the DD field and coordinates services at our 20th St group home as well as our 5th St and 10th Ave residential settings.



Kim Sanchez, Program Coordinator, started with LRC in October 2019.  She previously worked as a residential coordinator at our 6th Ave ICF home.  Kim now coordinates services at our 6th Ave group home along with some independent hab settings and serves as our agency's Compliance Coordinator for both of our ICF settings.  


Emily Deckert, Program Coordinator, has been with LRC since 2013.  She coordinates services for people attending our day program.  



Jan Johnson, Medical Services Manager, has been with LRC since 2012.  She has over 40 years of nursing experience and worked direct support for 7 years at LRC before assuming her current role in April 2019.  Jan was selected as DSP of the Year in North Dakota in 2018.  


Stacy MacDonald, Vocational Coordinator, has been with LRC since 1997.  She coordinates all of our employment services including Vocational Rehab, Customized Employment, Independent Employment, Small Group Employment, and Prevocational Training.  She also coordinates contracts with local businesses to provide employment opportunities to the people we support.   


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